Friday, August 19, 2011

They're Buying a List and Not Checking It At All

Another day, another unwanted, unsolicited email from some computer wholesaler/IT consultant/software vendor. These emails are just the first of many if I don't unsubscribe, which I do instantly. These aren't phishing attempts - at least I don't think so - just messages from deluded business people who think that I might be interested rather than annoyed at what they're dumping in my inbox. So who did they get my email address? My guess is that bought a list from someone. Is that how you grow a business? Buy a list, send a message to everyone on the list, hope that the bounce/unsubscribe/spam filter rate is less than, I don't know, 98%, and hope that the remaining 2% have money to spend? It sounds to me like the only person making money is the one selling the list. But what do I know? I just I get the stupid messages.