Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Long, Long, Long Goodbye

I was moving earlier this year at about the same time as my subscription to The New York Review of Books was up for renewal, so I thought I'd let let the subscription lapse, buy a few issues at the local good works store and then subscribe at my new address. Big mistake. I should have realized that whoever handles the subscriptions for the magazine has no way of realizing that there's only one Chris Hurst in Brandon and he has a subscription to their magazine. The pitiful notes asking why I've abandoned them keep coming to my old address - the fourth one arrived yesterday. Worse, they now have two addresses to sell to the Economist and the Folio Society (overpriced reprints in ugly covers) and whoever else is going to clog my mailbox. Rea Hederman "writes" in the latest computer generated mailing that she hopes this is not goodbye. I should be so lucky.