Monday, August 29, 2011

This Morning's Inbox

I can open a Word document on how to apply for a green card. I can apply for a loan. (The offer comes from someone with a Cornell email address, no less). UPS Nigeria has a package waiting for me - my ATM Master Card parcel! RBC has an important message for me. (I'm intrigued that it's always RBC and BMO that have these important messages, never CIBC or Bank of Nova Scotia or a Caisse Populaire.) I was to submit proposals for the 2nd World Conference on Information Technology in Ankara in Novemeber. (Special arrangements at the hotel - why not combine a holiday with my family?) There was an African Dance course based in Montreal (I've two left feet and the commute is just too much).

I know, I know. Everyone gets this and worse. The university filters out the incredibly stupid, so what am I complaining about?