Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unsubscription Blues

There's a school of thought that says never click on an unsubscribe link because you're just telling the #%%$#$%$#$s that you actually exist. I'm of the other school. If I get a piece I don't want and there's an unsubscribe link, I'll click on it. I find it therapeutic. Sometimes it means I have to confirm that I'm unsubscribing (really, you thought I was kidding when clicked the link). Sometimes, I'm asked for my email address and then told I'm not subscribed to any of their lists (right...). Sometimes I'm asked for my reason for unsubscribing (stock answer - I never subscribed). And sometimes they send me a confirmation email to tell me I've unsubscribed, like they can't let me go without one last missive. There are risks. One unsubscribe link today tried to change my default web browser, and I suspect it had further evil in its heart, foiled, I hope, by Groupwise's refusal to run ActiveX. There's going to be a point where I'm just not going to open strangers' emails.