Monday, December 03, 2012

Saving My Money

The Harvard Business Review wants me to subscribe. They sent a little package in the mail. I qualify for their corporate discount - 75% off their cover price of $438, a savings of $329. Actually, the cover price for the physical magazine is $169.50. The other $268.50 is for the digital magazine and access to their electronic archive. I'd describe the last two as throw-ins to the print subscription, but then I’d be only getting the peon’s discount of 36% and I’d only be saving $60.50. The little yellow piece of paper says this is the “lowest rate we allow”. I have 5 days to act, as if they know when the post is delivered. Even the bookmark isn’t nice. 
A little code on the reply form tells me The London Review of Books sold my address to them. Why would a LRB subscriber be a good candidate to subscribe to the Harvard Business Review other than affluence?