Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You've Looked At This Blog? Really?

I get e-mail
My name is redacted and I am the Media Director of redacted.
My team and I have looked at your blog and we would like to give you exclusive access to our new media content database on the redacted platform called the redacted Media Center. 
The redacted Media Center is front row access for media professionals such as yourself in the fashion and design industry. We curate thousands of independent designers from over 50 countries, giving you exclusives on their collections, trends, images, videos, press releases, event invitations, launch parties, media content and samples.

Well, if you'd looked at this blog, you'd know (a) I'm not a media professional (b) I'm not in the fashion and design industry and (c) I'm not worth wasting an e-mail on. Dear God, am I on some new list that's going to send me more of this idiocy?