Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Jazz in the Sixties, A Belated Postscript

When I said that "In A Silent Way" was a rock album made by jazz musicians, what I think I meant was that it wasn't just a document of a group of musicians playing a particular piece of music at a particular time. It was a collage pieced together of a number of sessions. If I try to explain this any more, I'll start talking like an idiot. My uneducated assumption is that jazz musicians came to modern recording techniques after popular musicians and "In A Silent Way" was the first of its kind. But I'm not a jazz historian, just the worst kind of amateur.

If you're curious, my votes for jazz albums went to:

John Coltrane - The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
Duke Ellington - And His Mother Called Him Bill
Duke Ellington/Charles Mingus/Max Roach - Money Jungle
Dexter Gordon - Go!
Grant Green - Feelin' the Spirit
Hank Mobley - Soul Station
Oliver Nelson - Blues and the Abstract Truth
Archie Shepp - The Way Ahead

I don't honestly think the Grant Green or the Archie Shepp were among the ten best jazz albums of the decade. They're just personal favorites, and it's my list. I thought choosing that Archie Shepp album would split the Archie Shepp votes between different albums, but I was the only one who gave him any votes at all. (The full results are here.)

The next poll is back to all music in the year 1990, a fine year as I look over the contenders. I also want to think about live albums, as I try to get back to puzzling through some of my current listening.