Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Potemkin School Districts

Back in September, a Mrs. Keller wrote to say her class found my Economics LibGuide helpful and they had some links they wanted me to add. I was dubious. Today, a Mrs. Kavanagh has written to say pretty much the same thing. So I looked at the web site associated with the domain name (cee emm ewe eff ess dee dot owe arr gee, if you're curious) in her email address. (I do these sorts of things.) And, yes, it looks like the web site of a school district except one that doesn't actually have any students or teachers or, and this is the give-away for me, library resources in it. So I look up the domain name registration, and, gosh, it was only taken out in November of 2011. This strikes me as a whole lot of work just to get naive librarians to make some links to dubious finance sites. What do I know?