Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mediocre Moments in Subscripton Management

I didn't renew my subscription to the London Review of Books. I have too much to read at the moment, and they don't review enough books. And, I only renew online. (I'm stubborn that way, and I'm not claiming innocence in this fiasco.) Their web site lets you start a subscription, but will not let you renew a subscription. Go figure.

To date, I've received four renewal notices reminding me how wonderful the London Review of Books is and what a good deal the renewal rate of $59.95 for one year is. The last notice told me in no uncertain terms it was my "last chance to renew".

The day after I got this notice, I got an invitation in the mail. I'd been specially chosen to receive a discount if I were to subscribe to, you guessed it, the London Review of Books. $49.95 for one year. A little yellow piece of paper said this was a special unavailable to the general public, even though it's the standard initial subscription rate if you subscribe through their web site. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

As far as I know, the London Review of Books operates at a loss. If they want to maximize their subscribers, more power to them. But this is 2012. Let me renew online. Don't lie to me about your "special deals". And figure out that Chris and Christopher living at the same address are probably the same person.